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The preamble to the US Constitution states "WE THE PEOPLE..." This campaign is dedicated to being the voice of the people as the People's Representative. My personal story is not important; however, I have been a trusted and respected attorney in the community for 40 years with a college degree in accounting and master's in business administration with my own business I understand the needs of the business community. It's your position, not mine or either party's decision on the issues that are important though some of mine are set forth on my website. Our country is divided and needs to come together, or we will lose our way of life. We need to stop disparaging each other. To accomplish this end, if I am elected my website will be modified so that all members who participate in it and are registered voters in the US Congressional District 22 in Florida will be able to cast their votes on various issues. This will be accomplished through an interactive question with multiple choice answers. Answers will be tabulated, and I will vote based on the majority opinion though at times my opinion on a particular issue may not be the same as the majority

The people will have a greater impact on various issues voted on in Congress. Most candidates for an elected position are honorable and well-intended individuals. Although positions on issues may vary, there is no reason to disparage such candidates unless of course their positions or themselves are discriminatory. Democracy is on the ballot again. The laws of our country should apply equally to all. No one should be allowed to disenfranchise your vote

The only question you need to ask yourself before you vote is whether the House of Representatives is functioning properly. If yes, then vote for the incumbent and keep the status quo. If NO, then vote for change. If change is what you seek then please go the DEANHALPERFORCONGRESS.COM and help support the cause